• New Lanark Mill Hotel

    New Lanark Mill Hotel

21st September 2020
Andrew Cuthbertson

*Upcoming Road Closure - Braxfield Road*
South Lanarkshire Council will commence work on Monday 5th October - 16th October. This is predicted as the worst case and we are hopeful that things will conclude earlier than the 12 days. The road will be closed between 1800 and 2130 throughout this period. Emergency vehicles will be allowed passage through the road closure in the event of an incident. There may be a requirement to undertake some elements during the day which will be managed by traffic lights as required.
For visiting guests, this means you will be unable to drive into the village between the hours of 6pm and 9:30pm Monday 5th of October - 16th of October. We will be contacting all guests booked during this period to notify them ahead of arrival.

En rapport fra rettsmedisineren som ble publisert i fjor, advarte om at mangelen på et integrert system som viser forskrivere hva som er utlevert fra andre nettapotek, og mangelen på krav om at nettapotekene skal dele informasjon med pasientens fastlege, kjøp Viagra kan gjøre det mulig for pasienter å bestille flere legemidler selv om det kan være skadelig.

Farmasøyten Thorrun Govind, som siteres i BBC-artikkelen, sier at regelverket er "for vagt" når det gjelder hva slags kontroller som kreves, noe som fører til "variasjon" i nettapotekenes praksis.

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